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The purpose of this study is to examine this freeway/major arterial and to determine how to alleviate traffic congestion along the J.R. Allen Parkway corridor, while also improving access to transit shelters, connecting the pedestrian sidewalk network, and making considerations for bicycle facility/amenity investments.

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Location Map

The project extends from the Alabama/Georgia State Line approximately 10 miles to the east, and ends at the intersection of Flat Rock Road/Kitten Lake Drive, presented in the accompanying map.

Anticipated Outcomes

Conceptual design alternatives for interchange/intersection concepts will be prepared, and potential impacts will be evaluated. Your feedback has been an essential element of this process. We want you to guide the project team toward a hybrid, locally-preferred alternative that balances mobility needs and minimizes tradeoffs. We are examining traffic, bicycle, pedestrian, and transit.

A Feasibility Study report will document the process, findings, and recommendations. Feasibility-level analysis represents an interim step prior to preparing engineering-level design and construction plans in future phases.



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Your input will help us proceed into the next phase of the project, described below.


The project can be summarized in three general phases, presented below. The existing conditions phase gathers some of the relevant data and begins to shape the initial need for the project. The public involvement phase, which overlaps with existing conditions, begins to formulate potential alternatives with feedback from those who use the corridor daily. Feedback from the public helps us refine, evaluate, and eliminate some potential alternatives so that we arrive as a locally-preferred alternative strategy. The final phase involves documenting this entire feasibility study process in a consistent and concise manner so that the project may proceed into engineering-level design.

Data Collection

Project Needs



Develop Alternatives


Preferred Alternative

Public Involvement


Feasibility Study


Study Overview

This study evaluates strategies to reduce congestion and improve safety and mobility in the City’s primary east-west corridor on the north side of Columbus. The study area begins on J.R. Allen Parkway at the Georgia state line (Chattahoochee River) and for more than 10 miles to east of the Flat Rock Road/Kitten Lake Drive intersection. The JR Allen Parkway begins as a 4-lane freeway with eight (8) interchanges prior to transitioning to a 4-lane highway with signalized intersections and commercial driveways.

The primary objectives of this study are

  1. Congestion relief,

  2. Safety enhancements,

  3. Multi-modal mobility improvements,

  4. Evaluation of upgrading corridor to interstate highway standards and

  5. Evaluation of bridge over Chattahoochee River

We received your help to understand how this corridor functions. Traffic counts, turning movement counts, and crash data can only provide one side of the story. Feedback from you, the citizens who drive, ride, walk, or bike around this portion of Columbus has been essential to this process. Thank you for your contributions! We hope you visit the Get Involved page and take our second survey. Please also share a link to these resources on Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor so your friends and neighbors can also contribute.

Partners/agencies involved

The JR Allen Parkway Corridor Study is sponsored by the Columbus Consolidated Government.

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For additional information regarding the study of JR Allen Parkway, please contact Rick Jones at 706-225-3936 (email–rjones@columbusga.org) or Lynda Temples at 706-225-3938 (email – ltemples@columbusga.org).

We appreciate your participation in this vital process to improve quality of life in Columbus.

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